Advanced operational model for production

The planning phase is followed by the construction of a prototype, for which we have developed an advanced operational model.

While prototypes are typically constructed using various rapid prototyping techniques, also traditional CNC machining is widely used. A machined model is used especially when a product is required to have the appearance of a finished product and meet precise tolerances. However, injection mould tools are often constructed at an early stage. Using the operating model developed by Defour, components can be constructed at an early stage using a method known as the final production methods, which helps to eliminate unnecessary work stages.

Stage by stage Manufacturing – an economic alternative

The operating model that we have developed enables the development of prototypes not only faster than previously but also more economically. This approach also generates useful information for further design, thereby reducing costs at the tail end of the product development process.

How then to save on costs? The intended use and operational environment of a product may be wrought with restrictions, which make only certain material suitable if the user requirements are to be met. However, as the product is still at its verification phase, the mould need not produce large volumes and the requirements set for it need not meet those set for the final product and the required goal can be achieved more economically.

This method nevertheless provides immediate input that we can build on in further planning. This enables us, at the validation phase, to better focus on the product itself, as the challenges associated with manufacturability have already been resolved at an earlier stage. We have named this phase the Minimum Viable Product as, during it, the designing the product for manufacturability progresses in stages.

Defour’s product development services always seek to achieve not only the desired result but also serve the customer’s interests. By applying this process, we have delivered several product development projects, enabling the customers to save both time and money.