Partner for demanding product development

Specialising in product development

Defour is the right choice for you when you need solutions, vision and innovation for product development. We are a Finnish company, serving our customers both locally and globally.

Successful product development plays a key role in both the creation of new products, and the improvement of existing ones. We are a flexible and reliable partner for product development, productisation and product industrialisation. We specialise in the product development of demanding products and equipment. We have years of experience of these in numerous projects, having developed advanced diagnostics, imaging and production equipment for various sectors, such as the pharmaceutical, health care and security industries.

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Solutions from product development to increasing production

The cornerstone of our business is a flexible product development flow from solution to production, as well as solutions for a quick start and step-by-step production.

When we work as a product development partner, product development is not just a separate project for the creation of a product; we can also design comprehensive, long-term solutions taking account, right from the start, of any production and production-growth requirements. We optimise product costs and viability for production at the same time as we design and test the product and its viability in terms of manufacture.

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Customers from various industries

'No limits' approach

Customer-oriented designer team

Our aim is to turn ideas into reality and implement things better, more easily and more productively. We are driven by passion to develop new things that have not been invented yet, and to solve problems that others cannot solve.

Our design team combines experience with youthful enthusiasm. Our team makes product development an integral part of our daily operations even in demanding circumstances – so that products are of major benefit to their users. Our staff also have experience of international business, and Defour has partners around the world.

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Quality standards

Verified partner 

Our quality policy and quality management system support the company's strategy and goals, providing the basis for quality and reliable business. Ethics and responsibility in our work play a particularly important role. Quality and solid trust are the cornerstones of cooperation.

Within the framework of our company's strategy customer and end user are the key of our operations. We work in all stages of the project so the customer can implement an operating concept easily, user friendly and without risk. We develop our operations through indicators like reviews at various stages in projects and customer feedback.


The most important part of the organization is our competent and committed employees. With their expert input, we can provide our customers with the best possible service. We are committed to the processes of the quality management system and to continuous development and improvement.


The quality policy and objectives are based on our values, ethical principles and regulatory requirements and user safety serving a commitment to our customers and partners. The quality and goals of operations are not only observed by the company's management, but they are comprehensively involved in day-to-day operations. These principles are the basis of our operations and we also require our partners to act responsibly.


Defour Oy and Clinipower Finland Oy become collaborators

Defour Oy is a member of Terveysteknologia ry – Healthtech Finland.


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