Partner for advanced product development

Experience for Product development

Defour is specialised to develop advanced products and devices. We are a flexible and reliable partner for product design and industrialization.

The cornerstone of our business is a flexible product development flow from solution to production, as well as solutions for a quick start and step-by-step production. We optimise product costs and production capability, while we design the product and test it and it´s manufacturability. In our production is possible to build and test of high-quality prototypes and manufacture small deliveries.

We adapt functionality to the finished product design with all the technologies and material requirements.


Defour is a flexible partner for advanced product development projects. We handle all needed from the product concept to the manufacturing solution.

Value proposition

To provide quality development as a flexible partner in order for granting the customer the maximum benefit. The process and end result is in accordance with the customer's wishes.


To be a partner, who offers all the needed for product development, product testing and to product industrialization.

Why Defour?

RELIABILITY – The design quality is high. Our designers are dedicated and experienced professionals.

FLEXIBILITY – We take flexibly care of our customers' needs. Our organisation is lean and agile.

EASE – We provide all the services needed for advanced product development.

EXCELLENCE – Our basic principles include precise planning and acting as well as the continuous improvement of the quality of our operations.

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