World-class team to implement your idea!

Our design team is a strong combination of experience and youthful enthusiasm. In its design work, our team focuses on customer wishes and requirements, and the product's end users. This enables product development to become an integral part of our daily operations, even in demanding circumstances – bringing users considerable benefits from the product.

Our working methods and results are based on excellent teamwork and an ability to work with the customer's organisation and other project participants.

When you need solutions, vision and innovation for extremely demanding product development, we are the partner for your business.

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Together for international markets – Turn Dreams into Devices

Demanding product development and productisation – mechanics, electronics, software and equipment assembly, performed in close collaboration by Defour and RCP Software, results in an effective and customer-friendly operating model. Instead of competing for the same customers, our companies join forces to solve customers' product development and the production challenges they need for their business to grow.

Together with RCP Software Oy, we will accept the challenge of realising your idea. A partnership between two companies enables services for which not even the sky is the limit. So far, we have never had to say that we cannot implement a customer's idea. We've always got there in the end.

Our target is to turn ideas into reality and implement things better, more easily and more productively. We are driven by passion to develop new things that have not been invented yet, and to solve problems that others cannot solve. We have contributed to the development of fantastic success stories and implemented companies' ideas in amazing projects.

The answer to what differentiates Defour and RCP Software from its competitors may be high-flown, but so are the projects in which we have put an idea into practice. We can offer a world-class team, a healthy aspiration for perfection and, above all, can-do-attitude. Nothing is impossible for us.

Successful product development project

At Dream Devices, we can implement even the most challenging product development project with our end-to-end process. We have experience in many different industries, from which we can bring in diverse methods and apply them to product development and production projects.


We find suitable operating models by integrating design and manufacturing to shorten the time-to-market phase. In many cases, the profitability of an investment goes hand in hand with the duration of the project.


We think about the whole from the very beginning of the project and know how to break down the best possible technical solutions so that the project can be implemented agilely. In addition, we take into consideration manufacturing regulations and documentation requirements already at the design stage, which saves time and money when production begins.