Customer-oriented and reliable partner to implement your idea

Our customers include companies of all sizes that develop products and systems in a number of industries, dealing with, for example, electrical appliances, health technology, industrial applications, professional products, security technology and healthcare, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. Product development at all of these companies involves high-level technology, software expertise and an understanding of industrial design.

The main emphasis in our customers' projects lies in the integration of various requirements and development into fully functional equipment. Our references include several large entities and individual products. The complexity of a product does not necessarily require a complicated solution – sometimes it is the selection of the material or some special component that is critical.

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Customer relationship worth your trust

Protecting the customer product – a cornerstone of our operations

Non-disclosure and unwavering trust play a key role in our customer projects. The customer relationship and absolute protection of the customer's product are the cornerstones of our operations.

Our customer relationships are not made public, and no public reference lists of our projects are available. We take pride in acting as a reliable background asset, enabling companies' success stories. Our job is to do all the work that is visible to the customer, but nothing beyond that.

Successful projects and a solid relationship based on trust also results in new customer relationships. We get most of our projects through recommendations. We have been described as the 'can do' team, turning ideas into products that can be implemented and productised. Customer satisfaction is a clear indicator of our success.

Our references

Health technology industry

Diagnostic equipment and devices

Imaging devices

Anesthesia systems

Control and system devices

Medication dispensers

Other equipment and devices

Other industrial applications and products

Production equipment
System control units
Marine antennas
Safety products
Sensor applications
Assembly, maintenance and operating instructions

Guaranteed top expertise and easy partnership

More time for customers to focus on what is relevant to them

One of the benefits of a partnership with Defour is that it is so easy. Defour has long, varied experience in product development projects. We have the necessary expertise to implement product development according to agreed specifications.

The customer plays a key role before the actual product development process begins – the creation of the product specification and, during the project, change management – which, of course, we support with our expertise and experience. After this, the customer can focus on their core business and its development, knowing that Defour will develop the product professionally.

Projects kicked off without major initial resources

We are able to assess revenue models on the basis of the customer's business model and are ready to help customers build and grow their business.

Our strength, compared to the bigger players, is that we have a flexible organisation. When you focus on what is essential, no major initial resources are needed to start a project. Each project is adjusted to the resources it needs at the time.

Optimised production costs at the planning and testing phase

For us, product development is not a separate project devoted to the creation of a product. We also continuously consider the bigger picture, which includes requirements related to production and production growth. Product costs and production capability can be simultaneously optimised on an agile basis, alongside the planning and testing of a product and its manufacturability.

Flexible operating procedure and quick decisions

Regardless of the project, the customer and customer's needs are the focus of our operations. In the case of larger projects, we have the agility to offer the benefits of a large company through cooperation with our partners. Just the right expert for each project can be found in our team; in addition, our decision-making process is fast and our operating model flexible.