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The product concepting can be seen as a part of company's strategic operations, depending on whether it is directly related to the product development project of production or more broadly to the company's business. Conceptualization aims at efficiency in business.

Concepting begins with an assessment of the product's architecture, structures and usability. The mechanical concept is created or developed for the better to meet the need for use. During concepting, the most critical areas of the product structure are identified in Concept Phase Risk Management. The breakdown and the physical size of the product are defined and its manufacturability is evaluated.

Defour has been offering a high-quality concept for many years, which has helped the customer company with concrete product improvements. The concepting process is focused on solutions and the designing is based on customer and end-user driven thinking. The product design and its concepting process are based on a thorough product or business analysis. The goal of the concepting is not to produce a product ready for production immediately, but to provide tools for the company's management to support strategic decision-making.

The process of product concepting

There are four different approaches to concepting. The key factors are identifying modifications, comparing different operating models, identifying product needs, and creating product concepts.

Solutional concepting is part of the product development process, where the product exists and is defined in the company’s product portfolio. A classic example of this is the development of the next product generation.

Defining concepting is a kind of preliminary study phase that clarifies the goal of product development. At the end of the phase, various alternative total solutions have been defined. At this phase, all the necessary information for the development process is gathered.

Developmental concepting explores the requirements or opportunities posed by potential new technologies, markets and emerging user needs. This phase is the end result of long-term planning.

Visionary concept is a tool for long-term strategic product design.


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