Our product development portfolio is expanding

Our manufacturing laboratory has complemented with Sumitomo DEMAG 75t 

Two years ago we began to plan a of an acquiring injection molding machine to our own production. When the COVID-19 pandemic changed the circumstances, we had to prioritize in a new way so we focused on the continuous business and projects despite all the challenges.

However, at the beginning of this year, we were able to continue the projcet again and it has now been accomplished. In cooperation with our partners, the machine has now been installed and the first test batches have been run. We are ready to start new projects with it.

As a vital part of product and component indurstialization the the injection molding machine supports the product development from the start. Also, now it is possible to manufacture test batches of components in-house. Our design transfer from product design to production speeds up the start of actual production and improves design quality.

Our new service allows various raw material tests. Especially in projects where the components are made from the customer's own raw material mix, test runs can be done fluently as part of the project. When it is possible to examine the test run on site, with the first observations, it is faster to construct and implement the necessary improvements to design.

Ensuring product reliability is an integral part of our company's product design process. Product design and manufacturability design are done as a whole process by the same designers. In this way, the transition from product design to manufacturing is efficient and production starts more smoothly and cost-effectively.