Product design and 3D design

The qualities of successful product design are functionality, user-friendliness and practicality, safety, manufacturing quality and environmental friendliness.

Defour has been an expert in product design a long time. Defour offers Turku-based design expertise throughout Finland. Our design team combines solid experience with youthful enthusiasm. Our work always considers the needs of both the customer and the end user. We act as a reliable partner in the product design development of even the most demanding product concepts. We implement the comprehensive design process from the initial vision to the manufacturing solution.

In product design, we also think about the production of the product. Our operating model ensures efficient cooperation with the client company. We help our customers with all product development and production challenges.


Effective product design

In the design phase, handling, layout and production solutions of a product or device are optimized. In product design, we use 3D software to demonstrate the performance, manufacturability and assembly hierarchy of the device. As the project progresses, a workable prototype is created to help the project develop further. In products that require embedded systems, we utilise the expertise and know-how of our strategic partner, RCP Software.


Product design and product development

The starting point for product design can be a rather raw idea or a ready-made prototype. The core idea of ​​product development is to improve the features of an existing and functional product. The goal of both is to design a product that benefits the user, either financially or on a practical level.

Defour operates from Turku and Salo, offering everything you need related to product design, product testing and production. We offer our customers the best possible benefit through our work. Our goal is to make ideas come true and implement things better, easier and more productively. We are driven by a passion to develop new things that have not yet been invented and to solve challenges that others do not know.

Get in touch with us when you need new insights, functional solutions and new innovations for demanding product design for your company and products!