Product development services

When companies, organisations or manufacturing plants are in need of high-quality product development, Defour is a safe business partner choice. We offer great versatility in professional-level product development covering even the most demanding fields. Our work has involved, among other things, product development projects in the pharmaceutical industry, the health-care sector and security technology, both in and outside Finland. From the customer’s point of view, our strengths include ease of service provision and the efficient operational model we have developed, enabling a rapid and economic development process. We can provide you with all the product development services you may need, ranging from devising ideas to the creation of concepts, from prototypes to production. Learn more about our services and contact us if you would like to hear what we could offer you in product development.

Product development based on customer needs

Product development is always based on the needs and wishes of our customer company. We can customise our product development services to cover exactly those areas in which the customer needs our assistance. Grouped under three different main categories, our product development services include the following different elements:

  • design services
  • design and usability planning
  • design for manufacturing

All in all, we can, and wish to, provide our customers with a maximum range of services and help them by bringing added value to each project. In our view, the biggest benefit that our customers can gain from us is the ease of collaboration – they can safely leave us to take care of the product development project while they themselves can concentrate on running their business. Years of experience, a high level of skills and a great number of product development projects under our belt are the best guarantee of smooth collaboration.

Planning services covering a variety of fields

Our design services cover a broad spectrum of various product development areas. Essentially, such services include product testing, verification, the optimisation of manufacturability, various guidelines for production, assembly instructions, production equipment and accessories such as jigs and tools.

Our service package also includes electronics planning and software development, as well as the manufacturing of electronics. Regarding such areas, we have forged partnerships with our strategic partners, which strengthen our competences. We collaborate with both Finnish and international specialist companies.

Design and usability play a key role

Industrial design, ergonomics and usability planning are also important areas of our product development services. Usability plays a key role in the branches in which we principally work. Our competence is focused on the provision of timely solutions to problems in the
above-mentioned areas, intertwined with the actual design of the product. This enables us to work on the product concept in order to make it as complete as possible before the construction of the first prototype. Our future aim is to let our design planning team give the
finishing visual touch to the product, including its colours, the specification of the surface quality and product graphics.

Modern tools guarantee high-quality product development

High quality product development services make great demands on design tools. Consequently, we rely heavily on 3D technology which enables us to illustrate the functioning of a device, its manufacturability and the hierarchy of its assembly. We employ modern
CAD software, product management systems (PDM) and version management. We take advantage of virtual models in the creation of various production and product animations, as production animation is a useful tool in illustrating concept presentations and production instructions, among other things.

A product development partner that offers full service

Defour is a worthy partner when it comes to high quality and functional product development services. We provide our customer companies with everything they need, including product development, product testing and making the product ready for manufacturing. Based on
experience, professional skills and testing, our design is highly professional. Furthermore, our extensive partner network both in and outside Finland guarantees that we have top-notch expertise available and that our product development services can be implemented in the best possible way. Please contact us – we will be happy to provide you with more information on our services and to help your organisation to find the appropriate solutions for
your product development projects.